About Us

On the banks of the Ohio River, Mar-Pak has served our local customers, offering a full line of packaging products as well as warehousing and logistics. Our reputation in the FIBC industry, both here in the United States and around the world, has earned us the highest praise as a company of values, integrity, professionalism and accountability.

If you were to ask, “What makes us different from the next,” our answer, without hesitation, would be “Our People.” We serve our customers with more than 250 years of combined experience. We bring with us years of relationships with trusted manufacturers and a vast network of products and services.

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Mar-Pak Office Team
Michelle and Chuck

Our History

  • 1983 – The company was started by Bill Miner and Terry O’Brien as Miner Sales, Inc. Miner Sales handled our national contracts with suppliers as well as our key customers such as DuPont and Shell Chemical.
  • 1983 – Miner Sales became the first and only manufacturer’s representative for Stone Container Corporation in the US for corrugated.
    • Designed and supplied the first bulk box for Shell Chemical, which is now Kraton Polymers
  • 1984 – Miner Sales, Inc was at the forefront of the bulk bag movement in the US representing BAG Corporation out of Dallas Texas, as their top sales agent.
    • 1996 – Top Sales Performance Award
    • 1998 – Largest Total Sales Volume Award
    • 1999 – Largest Total Sales Volume Award
    • 2002 – Best Closing Ratio Award
  • 1989 – Shell Chemical Supplier of the Year
  • 1991 – Shell Chemical Supplier of the Year
  • 1994 – Shell Chemical Supplier of the Year
  • 1999 – Ames Tools Supplier of the Year
  • 2004 – Founding partner Bill Miner passes away, leaving controlling interest to Terry O’Brien
  • 2006 – All companies are consolidated to form Mar-Pak, Inc.
  • 2006 – Don Brown, VP of Sales, orchestrates a logistics and warehousing agreement between Mar-Pak, International Paper and Kraton Polymers.
  • 2017 – Terry O’Brien passes away.
  • 2019 – Michelle Secrest and Chuck Watt purchase Mar-Pak.
  • 2019 – Orion Engineered Carbon names Mar-Pak supplier of the year.
  • 2019 – Mar-Pak rolls out a new look for itself.
MarPak Before After Logo

Local Pride

While every employee at Mar-Pak takes great pride in his or her work, we also have great pride in our community’s rich history. We are reminded of it every day as we enter the historic building that serves as our corporate headquarters in Marietta, Ohio.

Located right on the banks of the Muskingum River, it is known locally as the David Putnam House. The first block was laid in 1792 and it was completed in 1805 while Thomas Jefferson served as our President. The building was home to David Putnam, who was a nephew of Rufus Putnam, a General during the Revolutionary War and an organizer of the Ohio Company that settled the Northwest Territory in 1787. The home also became the first bank in Ohio as well as the first bank in the Northwest Territory.

We welcome our customers to visit Marietta and enjoy the rich heritage our river town enjoys.

Our Team


Michelle Secrest

President / Co-owner
Start Date: 1989

Michelle graduated from Marietta College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting. She has been managing the daily running of the business since 2006, becoming VP of Finance in 2006 before becoming President and co-owner in 2019.


Chuck Watt

Vice President / Co-owner
Start Date: 1996

Chuck graduated from West Virginia Tech in 1995, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Technology and an associates degree in Drafting and Design. He has a strong technical and design knowledge. Chuck served as the National Accounts Manager covering packaging in the U.S. and Canada before becoming Vice President of Sales and co-owner in 2019.


Debbie Green

Purchasing / Customer Service
Start date: 1985

Debbie has a very good knowledge of packaging that only 30+ years in the business will give you. Debbie has had a wide range of responsibilities and has been in Purchasing and Sourcing for the last six years. She also has been a support to our outside sales representatives.


Teresa Jackson

Customer Service / Inventory Control
Start date: 2019

Teresa plays a very important role, handling all daily orders from our customers. She is also responsible for ordering from our suppliers, maintaining inventory levels and setting up our trucking and logistics.


Judy Farner

FIBC Product Manager
Start date: 2020

Judy has traveled the world as an International buyer and came to Mar-Pak with experience in contract packaging, warehousing, logistics and Bulk Bags. Her vast knowledge has been instrumental in working with our suppliers overseas, and we are very fortunate to have her as part of our team.


Stephanie Merckle

Admin / AR / AP Assistant
Start date: 2020

Stephanie usually keeps us all smiling in the office and is the voice you hear when anyone calls into our office. She also gives support to our accounting department and serves as our Administrative Assistant.


Jim Wagner

Warehouse Supervisor
Start Date: 1991

Jim runs the warehouse and logistics operation and is heavily relied upon by Mar-Pak and our customers to make sure that they receive their product on time. Our customers are known to call Jim directly and have him on “speed dial” as they depend on him daily.


Aaron Courtney

Warehouse Driver
Start Date: 2002

Aaron Courtney has been delivering to our local customers since 2002 and has created good relationships over the years with our customers. They depend on him delivering our products daily and we are fortunate he represents Mar-Pak.

Curt Wagoner-Web size

Curt Wagoner

Warehouse Driver
Start Date: 2023

Curt has been an excellent addition to our Warehouse. He has manufacturing experience as well as past experience driving for Busch’s Fresh Food Market in Michigan. A West Virginia native, he enjoys camping and hiking in the mountains of West Virginia as often as he can.

Sales Team

Don Brown

Don Brown

Regional Sales Manager
Charleston, South Carolina
Start date: 1996

Don Brown joined Mar-Pak in 1996 as a regional sales representative with expertise in packaging for all major manufacturing entities in chemicals, glass, flexible magnets and OEM suppliers to the major auto companies along with many other manufacturers selling directly to the retail consumer. He was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing and remained in this position until semi-retiring in 2017, relocating to Charleston, SC, to become regional sales manager for the southeast. He specializes in bulk bags, valve bags, poly films and corrugated packaging. With 25-plus years in the packaging industry, he is a valuable asset to all his customers.

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Craig Maxwell-2

Craig Maxwell

Regional Sales Representative
Dallas Fort Worth, Texas
Start date: 2023

Having spent 36 years in the Carbon Black industry, Craig brings years of experience and knowledge in packaging, both in operations and as the Packaging Lead for North America. His experience with fine powdered products has given him the technical expertise to make sure that you are getting the packaging to best meet your needs.

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Ron Whitfield-2

Ron Whitfield

Regional Sales Representative
Atlanta, Georgia
Start date: 2022

Ron spent most of his career in the Mineral and Lime Industry and retired after 30 years as Sales Manager with Lhoist North America. One of the last “road warriors,” Ron is always out seeing his valued customers and developing long-lasting relationships. He brings his expertise and assurance needed to develop the trust you need. In his home state of Georgia, agricultural business is strong, and Ron has become the person you can count on to get your Totes in the Peanut Industry. Ron really cares about his customers and we are very glad he is on our team.

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Joint Partnership with NASCO-OP serving the Metals Recycling Industry.

Richard Bentoski 1x1

Richard Bentoski

Bulk Bag Product Manager
Recycling Industry


With a decade of experience in sales, Richard has established himself as a versatile professional in various sectors including manufacturing, automotive, and housing. He received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kent State Tuscarawas which led him into manufacturing. His expertise in negotiating and strategy development has been instrumental in navigating the dynamic market landscape. As Product Manager for Shear Blades and Packaging at NASCO-OP, Richard represents the recycling industry in finding innovative solutions to ever changing needs.

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