Bulk Bags (FIBC)

Mar-Pak has been in the bulk bag industry since 1983, when nobody knew what a bulk bag was and you had to convince your customers’ customer to try them. By the 1990s, however, everyone wanted bulk bags and our phone was ringing off the hook! By the late 90s, bulk bag companies sprung up all over the United States to meet the increased demand, and by early 2000, manufacturing moved to Mexico, India and China.

Mar-Pak is one of the few companies that has been here from the beginning. Our differentiating factor is that we KNOW bulk bags and we provide the highest quality and best reliable service. We have close long-term manufacturing partners. We are proud of our reputation and growth in this industry.

The following are options you can identify when ordering one of our bulk bags:


Bags with bulk construction materials standing in rows in outdoor storage.

Filling Options:

  • Open top
  • Duffle top
  • Filling spout top
  • Filling spout with cone top
  • Flap top




Discharge Options:

  • Closed bottom
  • Spouted bottom
  • Spouted bottom w/cone style
  • Full bottom discharge
  • Side or offset discharge




Rows or stacks of white sack bags at large warehouse in modern factory. Packaging in factory or warehouse
Tapioca in jumbo bags handling to stack.

Lifting Options:

  • Four corner
  • Cross corner
  • Stevedore
  • Sleeve style
  • Fully belted




Spout Closure Options:

  • Ribbon tie
  • Hook and loop belt
  • Rope lock
  • Rosette
  • Petal closure
  • Diaper flap



Synthetic white bags with purple handles for building bulk materials. They stand in a row. Many.


Bulk Bags That Do Not Require Grounding.

CROHMIQ is internationally recognized as the genuine Type D static protective bulk bag packaging technology. The proven safety record of CROHMIQ is unmatched. Over 40 million CROHMIQ FIBC have been safely used, including extensive use in hazardous flammable environments. Only CROHMIQ's FIBC technology provides a level of safety equal to a properly earthed Type C FIBC, but without the risks of human error. For these reasons, leading global companies have converted from Type B and Type C bulk bags to the optimum safety of CROHMIQ FIBC. Over 6 million CROHMIQ FIBC have been safely reused after refurbishing. The static dissipative properties of CROHMIQ FIBC are permanent; therefore, its performance does not decay with time nor wash off during wet reconditioning processes as happens with inferior Type D FIBC. Grounding CROHMIQ is not required, but CROHMIQ can be safely grounded for applications that demand groundable bulk bags. CROHMIQ FIBC fabric is FDA and EU food contact compliant. CROHMIQ FIBC are continuously tested in a world-class testing laboratory. Over 25 years of thorough testing by the world's leading test laboratories has proven the safety of CROHMIQ’s technology. CROHMIQ complies with all the latest National and International safety standards for static protective FIBC. Worldwide technical support is available to all users of CROHMIQ FIBC.

CROHMIQ FIBC bag - marpak